About Us: Meet the Krewe

Hugh Pinckard

Hugh Pinckard profile

I do Web Design and Developement as well as some Apps. Mostly part-time and freelance due to the fact that I have to do them around my other job: Tractor/Trailer (Truck driver).

As a truck driver, I been driving for over 18 year and accumulating over 3 million safe, accident free miles. I have driven all of the lower 48 and Canada. I transported just about every type of freight out there: dry van/goods, refrigerated, over-sized, liquids, HazMat (Petroleum, Explosive, Flammable, etc).

I also enjoy spending time “Digitizing” designs for Machine Embroidery. Then I can “stitch out” my designs and share them. There is a sense of “peace” when you can sit down; design, develop, and produce custom work.


Lynzi Stone profile

I like to read, draw and dance. I love traveling, exploring new things and trying new foods. I lived in a few different states and territories. I love animals and had a few pets.


Camryn Stone profileContributor


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