Day Three: Oz, Hollenburg and NE

Oz Museum

Good morning Kansas. Awaked, cleaned up, jack stands up, ready to go. First adventure of the day will be the “Oz Musem”. This is excellent as we see artifacts, clipping, costumers and much more. Throughout the museum are video documentaries and facts. Everyone from the youngest of 14 to the oldest of almost 80 enjoyed this visit. Then across the street to the “Yellow Brick Road” which is a brick paved side walk the winds back to the city park.

Down the street we go to the “Oz Winery”. This is a nice little wine shop with lots of different wines for tasting. One can shop for small wares, chocolates, and yep even wine.

Onto the next leg of the trip.  Driving  through the country side on the state and US highways offered by Kansas.  We cross paths with the “Oregon Trail” and follow the Oregon/California Trail Auto tour for miles.

We arrive at the “most preserved and original “Pony Express Station” left in existence, Hollenburg Station.  A short visit enlightens us with fascinating facts and stories of the days past and the eighteen (18) month run of the Express.

Back on the road and into Nebraska.  Passing under “The Archway” monument. Finishing up the day’s drive, settle down, cook supper, conversation of the day just complete and brief overview of tomorrow to come. Bedtime.

By Hugh Pinckard

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