Day Six: Mount Rushmore; Check that box

Up the mountain and to the Mount Rushmore Monument.  Not only did get to enjoy the sites of the amazing feat of the carving in the mountain side; there is a nice “Presidential Trail”, amphitheater with today’s entertainment of a son of two(2) Indian Chief’s.  He told stories of days past; including through music which he called the “Universal language.  Informing us that the flute and the drum are both instruments found on every continent.  He even included the use of the electric guitar.  Walking through the Gallery, museum, and theater; we learn more of the history of how the carving was done from the nine(9) 1/12 models built by Gutzon Borglum onto the scaffolding, wenches and other tools and methods.

Back into town we visit the “Keystone School House and Museum”, which was used from 1901 with 158 students in the first years classes and until 1988 with 8 students enrolled.  Included is the original “One Room Schoolhouse” and many photographs which are on loan from original founding families.

Down the street, we enjoyed and excellent meal of elk burgers and onion rings at the Big Thunder  Restaurant.  This also included an opportunity to rest for a brief spell.

Following up on so much walking, sightseeing, and information, we took a leisurely drive through the countryside.

Arriving back to the campground, time to clean up, prepare and eat supper.  Good time to sit around visit, discuss the days events, enjoy a cup of coffee and the what camp out experience can go with S’mores; not this one.  Time for a campfire and s’mores.

Off to bed, for tomorrow will come and bring more adventure.

By Hugh Pinckard

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