Overwintering in Louisiana Early December Update

Here we are into the second week of December, well past the Monarch Butterfly Migration period.  After rescuing several Monarch Caterpillars last month from passing Monarchs,  we are having quite a bit of success with this trial of “LA OverWinter Project.”  Of course, previously I mentioned the mating of “IhHabitat”  The butterflies are thriving in the large habitat. 

Eggs have hatched, caterpillars are eating and growing.  The potted InHabitat Milkweed plants seem to survive the act of being uprooted from the “Butterfly Garden” and placed into pots and inserted into the Habitats.  The use of “Watering Accessories” has proven to work in our favor.  The caterpillars are in all stages of growth and all appear to be health.  They have been relocated to fresh milkweed and are moving about: eating, pooping, molting: you know caterpillar things.

We will continue to care and monitor our small friends.  As long as we are able to keep fresh food,  milkweed, pollinator plants, and nectar, they should be well.  We have many pollinator plants in the care; shelter, water, light, as well as multiple Milkweeds: Milweed Tree, Tropical, Swamp, Showy, and Yellow.

By Hugh Pinckard

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