Whistle Blower

You cannot have a second whistleblower restating comments to the same situation: you can only have a collaborator.

It is a rather simple concept. There is only one FIRST, anything following this would be sequential, follow-up, add-on, etc(this could go on and on). Think about it you had your first kiss; you cannot go on and then decide to have another first.

So someone gives you some great news, that’s exciting. The next person gives you some great news; however, it is now old news as the fact that you have this information numbs the affect. You could still celebrate the facts, but there is no initial “BAM WOW” factor.

Circling back; a second person does not get to have breaking “whistle-blower” information that has previously been stated. This person can only collaborate the story/narrative.

By Hugh Pinckard

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