Drive Aware, Be Safe

Everyone on the roadways of America needs to stay aware.  Keep informed of your surroundings.  A friend and fellow driver shared this clip of a very close call and almost fatal incident. He was traveling loaded with Liquified Petroleum on I-10 through a construction zone.  Been an experienced and seasoned driver, he was staying aware of his surroundings and ready for things to happen and very possibly go wrong/sideways.  We try to anticipate careless acts around us; he approached and entrance ramp with merging traffic and was slowing as a car was creeping toward the travel lane.  However, the second vehicle jumps the lane and stops.  Correct, STOPPED! the second vehicle pulled into the travel lane and stopped as to allow the vehicle ahead of him to move into the travel lane.  The truck driver was able to slow and change lanes enough to miss this vehicle and just ahead of a vehicle in the lane to his left. Not to be outdone, the vehicle in the left lane, now behind him, chanced a pass utilizing the left shoulder instead of slowing.  Don’t take chances, drive aware, and a small amount of “courteous driving” could be just what we need to each arrive to our destination safely.

#DriveAware #DriveSafe



By Hugh Pinckard

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