Slow to Judge

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So it has been said that everyone’s life is a story.  We even hear some people state that their life is an “open book”.  Give this a thought for just a moment.  Even if someone’s life is a open book, there are aspects that is not now.  Even moments in time that have been overlooked and/or forgotten.  

Think about about it for a moment:  Some of your closest friends or relatives, are there not moment or aspects that you do not know about.  These are not necessarily secrets as they just have not be shared for one reason or another.  Each of us have secrets, thoughts and even events that we have not shared with anyone much less everyone.  It is not that we are hiding as much as we are not publicizing.  The occasion just has not arisen that prompts the sharing, or maybe we are slightly embarrassed or even for heaven’s sake we might be ashamed to divulge such information.

As a rule, I am a private person; however, more than that is I am “guarded”.  I am cautious to protect my friends and loved ones.  Most stories or incidences included other people and sharing might infringe on their privacy or emotions.  

If we are a private person or even guarded for self or others, what about the next person.  Umm, did think of that did we.  With this thought in mind, maybe we should be slow to judge peoples actions or inaction.  This would include the actions of conversation or sharing of ones thoughts.  Maybe we do not know the “whole” story or the “back” story.  What has this person been through or is going through?

How many times have we thought or even stated, “I would do …”, “I would not have done it that way.”, or judged someone.  Honestly, “Do you know their story?” Nope, nope, nope, not in its entirety.  Each of us have a very distinct set of “live experiences” that make up who we are.  Do to this we each think, act, and react differently.

Maybe next time before we judge someone’s action or comment; pause, take a breathe, give an honest thought to the situation.  Then act or react.

By Hugh Pinckard

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