Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed Blossom
Monarch Butterfly Garden

“Monarch Butterflies” lay “eggs on Milkweed” plants only.  As well the Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar only eats the Milkweed plant leaves.  Both the Monarch and the plant are disappearing from across the United States.  I have taken to planting Milkweed whenever and wherever possible.  There are several varieties and they differ  depending on the region. I am utilizing “Butterfly Milkweed” (pictured above) and “Swamp Milkweed” (Swamp Milkweed photo”).  

I was fortunate, one day taking “B Roll” footage in the backyard, to capture a Monarch laying an egg. Granted the footage is shaky as I was utilizing the camera handheld and extreme zoom; non-the-less, I have the footage: “Monarch Butterfly Laying Egg”.   

In addition to the Milkweed, I have planted several butterfly friendly plants: “Pentas”, “Butterfly Bush”, “Sedum”, “Zagreb Coreopsis”, “Summer Yarrow “, “Phlox”(thanks to my sister-in-law), “Lavender”. The summer bloomers and the autumn bloomers are quite beautiful and colorful.  As mother-nature would have it, for some of these beautiful blossoms, we will have to be patient and wait for spring. When planning your garden remember that most of these plants are seasonal; therefore, mix in a variety for the duration of the presence of the Monarch.  They begin their Northern migration from Mexico in March and return back south in November (dates vary depending on your latitude) for their “overwintering”.  

By Hugh Pinckard

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