2023 Season is Ending

Autumn is here; the weather is changing and our Monarch Butterflies are heading to Mexico, the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.  As I was tending to the chores of clean, disinfecting, and storing our butterfly gear, I took some time to look over the “Butterfly Garden”.  First to catch my attention were several “Bumble Bees” sheltering under flowers and leaves. BumbleBee sheltering among Milkweed leaves.

Then I notice Monarch Butterfly frass (dropping) and with that I found two(2) caterpillars eating.  I walked around the “Butterfly Garden” and the “Pollinator Garden” and found and rescued seven(7) caterpillars.  They were moved into the habitat.  Add to this, I found a “one star” caterpillar https://pelicanprose.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/IMG_6452-scaled.jpeg on the Milkweed Tree” that i used in the habitat. 

Back to cleaning.  After every batch all of the gear/equipment is washed, disinfected, and air dried.  As luck would have it, the water spigot is behind the “Pollinator Garden” and as I was leaning to turn it on, right in front of my face is another  caterpillar.  He is now in the safety of the habitat.

Here you can watch a time-lapse video of a Monarch Butterflly emerging from Chrysalis

Video of one of our “Tag and Release” session.

By Hugh Pinckard

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  • The mention of Monarch Butterflies heading to Mexico in the Sierra Madre Mountains during autumn is related to their annual migration pattern. Monarch Butterflies are known for their incredible long-distance migration from North America to central Mexico to escape the colder winter temperatures. The act of cleaning, disinfecting, and storing butterfly gear suggests preparation for the seasonal changes and the arrival of the butterflies in their habitat. Finally, the observation of “Bumble Bees” sheltering under flowers and leaves may be significant as it showcases other elements of the garden’s ecosystem and adds depth to the narrative.

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