Butterfly Garden Grows and Gains another Bed

With Germination and Sprouting of Seeds of multiple varieties of Milkweed and Pollinators, I have modified and repurposed the Azalea bed.  Several of our Azaleas did not overwinter well.  Our week of “extreme cold” (for Louisiana) took its toll.  These plants had to be removed.  Instead of replacing them with like Azaleas, I worked the bed with fresh compost (homegrown even).  I removed all signs of any Non-Monarch-Friendly pollinators.  Now we are only waiting for our last “cold snap,” my maternal grandfather always told us not to plant before Good Friday.

Here we wait with great anticipation and anxiety.  I have multiple, over 100, sprouted Milkweed seeds of several varieties potted and gaining size, strength, and stamina.  Man does not live on bread alone; nor do Monarchs live on Milkweed alone, this is only required for “Laying of Eggs” and “Feeding of Caterpillars.”  In addition, we have over 200 Pollinator seeds in various stages of germination and sprouting.

By Hugh Pinckard


  • Great post! I love how you repurposed the Azalea bed with Monarch-Friendly plants. It’s amazing to hear about the multiple varieties of Milkweed and Pollinators you are growing. I’m curious, have you noticed a difference in the amount of Monarchs that visit your garden since making these changes?

  • I have just made the change and plants have not yet broken ground. Last year, we did have an increase in butterflies and bees after we installed a “Lanta bed.”

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